How do I get Military for Life? 

If you are active or retired military, Military For Life is complimentary with the purchase of any new Hyundai after March 1st, 2020. If you are not active or retired military you can still add Military for Life to your new vehicle; all we require is a donation to a charity of our choice that supports the military. 

What vehicles are covered by the Military for Life Plan?

Every new vehicle purchased or leased at Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville gets the full Military for Life coverage as long as the purchaser of the vehicle is active Military or Retired Military. Gets all the benefits you see above.

What is covered under the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?

The main components of the powertrain are covered, see the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty for complete details.

Does the Military for Life end at any pre-determined date?

The Military for Life plan has no pre-determined end date. If you purchase a new vehicle from us and qualify there is no expiration date.

How do the complimentary oil changes for life work?

Oil changes for life includes the oil, oil filter, and the labor. The only requirement is that you perform your factory recommended services which includes a tire rotation (in your owner's manual) at Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville.

When and how do you receive a loaner car?

You can get a loaner car at any time for any repair that requires we keep your vehicle over night.

How does the Key replacement work?

The key replacement is one replacement key for your vehicle. We pay for the Key and Fob you are required to purchase the programming of the key and cutting of the fob.

How do the service discounts work?

You will receive a discount a 10% off individual future repairs maintenance service are not discounted.

How does the complimentary car wash work?

While your vehicle is in for service at Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville, we will perform a complimentary car wash on it.

If I'm out of town and get my vehicle serviced do I void the Military for Life plan?

To maintain the Military For Life plan we require that you service your vehicle at Capital Hyundai, However if a special circumstance arises and you are over 250 miles from the dealership we will not void the Military for Life plan. We will need documentation to maintain the engine guarantee when you return for your next service.

Do I have to do all my repairs at Capital Hyundai

Repair work can be completed at other ASE Certified Technician repair shops excluding services for Military For Life Plan and warranty work. However Capital has competitive and sometimes lower repair, Tire, and maintenance prices (Brakes, Filters, Alignments) than non-factory repair facilities. We also only use factory parts and have certified Technicians repairing your vehicle.

If I go over the mileage on my maintenance will I void the Military For Life Plan?

Excess wear on a vehicle can occur when maintenance is not performed at the recommended interval. We do require that you do your services within a 1,000 miles of the factory recommended interval.

*Only valid on new vehicles and qualified customers. Loaner cars provided when available. All factory-recommended regularly scheduled maintenance must be performed at Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville. All discounts through Capital Hyundai of Jacksonville. See dealer for details.

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